selfie infront of boats

6 years and still here

I haven’t checked in for awhile on this website. Life just gets busy. I’m doing fine though all these years later. Cancer and treatment are soo far back its hard to remember all the details. I keep telling myself I need to come back to this blog and post something so if someone stumbles on this they know I’m still alive.

My life has 180’d from where I’ve been. It’s almost unbelivable, so I started a small web company years ago. We are now an 11 person company. For the second year in a row we were voted Best in Clark County. I’ve got any amazing healthy 3yr old daughter, and a 5yr old step son. Some how we purchased a commercial building in the heart of downtown. Literally across the street from the courthouse. I’ve lived out here a long time and driven past this building. I wish I could go back in time and tell myself one day I was gonna own it. That’s so sureal to think about.

Lets see I still have the ringing left year, I can zone it out when things get busy working. My teeth are still a problem, just prone to getting cavities more. The dentist up’d my cleaning schedule to like every 3 months, so this has helped.  I have all the intentions in the world to come back here and post more often. Then next thing I know a whole year has past by.