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A long overdue update

Its 2021 and we are still dealing with a pandemic. I’m still here and life has just gotten the most of my time. I haven’t forgotten about this blog, its more like its just been daunting to think of what to post here. I’m just going to write something. I see the site still gets quit a few visitors so ya I need to post an update.

I’m at the 9 year mark, and still dealing with ringing ears and a lifetime of dental problems. Like if you here, mentally prepare yourself that some people will spend money on fancy cars, after radiation treatment on your mouth, you will spend money on your teeth. I’ve mostly been laying low, avoiding people just like everyone else. I should of had more time to spend on this blog but haven’t. My web company took a hit early in the pandemic and we lost a lot of work and now busier than ever since more people have taken their businesses online.

One of the cool things during all of this is that I acquired a gaming website and even picked up streaming. I was able to rebuild the gaming website and update it, now I host and maintain it, im also writing blog content for it.  If your thinking about gaming PC’s, mice, keyboards or anything gaming, this website is updated weekly.

About the same time, I acquired a Drone online store, so here I am producing content and updating another website. This is e-commerce and selling drones and drone accessories. It’s updated weekly and this is really where a lot of my time has been wrapped up along with actually running my web company

If you want to check in on my live stream