Hello World,

My name is (not important) Danielle Barth (Buck) and my quest (very important) is to stumble upon anyone out there needing answers or even just someone living as a number and seeking a boosting spirit to tag along their journey.  As I enter a new decade in life, I will also enter down the communal passage in the world of Cancer for which I have devoted my support to one of the newest members; Travis Buck, my Brother.

It’s not uncommon to attend a rally, race or benefit and find yourself as one of the many with your hand raised above your head when the crowd is asked who knows of someone fighting Cancer; However, it is uncommon to be told your type of Cancer is so rare that if you check back with the doctors in a few years they might have some more useful information for you regarding treatment, care and survival chances.

Throughout my blogs I hope that you will find comfort, expedient material and not sorrow. I believe everyone has a purpose and I would like to share Travis’ with all of you.


Danielle Barth

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