Almost to the 4 year mark

It’s July and there are more life updates than what I could fit into this small blog.  At this point I’m constantly thinking cancer is behind me.  Kind of an out of sight out of mind thing. Ath the same time, now I seem to meet people who have had some sort of cancer in their past. Now I’m noticing all these people who have went through some kind of treatment and are living in remission like me. I guess its like when you buy a car and start noticing that brand of car everywhere.

I’m working a lot of hours now.  My company just passed the 3 year mark, and we have 2 employees and an intern right now. I’m back to working all hours of the night since I’m kind of this get up at 3am type of person. If anything, I’ve just stayed busy. I think it still helps create a life distraction for me.IMAG0645 I don’t know if I ever mentioned it on this site that just after treatment a friend and I were working on a few website projects together.  That evolved into us starting a company together. This helped give me that extra drive right after treatmet was finished.  I worked all the way through treatment (part time) with another company, and my friend was the one to encouraged me to jump ship. Basically kiss the stability behind of that job, and make a go of it running our own web company.

I’m getting ready to plant pumpkins again. I spent last weekend on a tractor tilling up chunk of land out here where I live now.  Last year the pumpkins that survived the deer didn’t seem to grow very big. I’m at it again though and this time I’ll try to plant a few more defensive plants with them.

There still are some lingering side effects. Mostly the rining in that left ear where the radiation was close to. I think I’m kind of getting used to it.  Sometimes my face feels a little tight on that side as well. I think it has to be from scar tissue or something.  One of the annoying things no one ever preped me for was the constantly thinking every ache or pain is cancer. That’s kind of annoying, but my friend is pretty quick to point out that the sore throat is probably just a sore throat. I’m catching myself over analyzing these little aches and pains.