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A long overdue update

Its 2021 and we are still dealing with a pandemic. I’m still here and life has just gotten the most of my time. I haven’t forgotten about this blog, its […]

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6 years and still here

I haven’t checked in for awhile on this website. Life just gets busy. I’m doing fine though all these years later. Cancer and treatment are soo far back its hard […]

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I just learned about flareups from radiation

I’m right at my 4 year mark and I went in and saw my ENT for a sinus infection I seem to get around every October/November. This has been a thing for the last few years. This was my first time seeing this ENT doctor, and she seemed pretty young like fresh out college. She told me that since this is happening every year around the same time ever since I had radiation that this could be a flare up. Apparently the tissue damaged from radiation can flare up for years after treatment.

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Almost to the 4 year mark

It’s July and there are more life updates than what I could fit into this small blog. At this point I’m constantly thinking cancer is behind me. Kind of an out of sight out of mind thing. Ath the same time, now I seem to meet people who have had some sort of cancer in their past. Now I’m noticing all these people who have went through some kind of treatment and are living in remission like me

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The 3 year update

Just had my last checkup over the summer and everything looks clear.  The website had to change a bit since some online script kept trying to redirect visitors to spam […]

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The 2 year update

The ringing in the ear is still one of the worst side effects. At least it’s just one ear.  The other side effect I’m not sure I mentioned enough is […]

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