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The first Oncology visit

After I was told the tumor removed was cancerous and it had unclear margins, they sent me to consult with oncology. The first visit is a more or less a meet and greet. They explain the side effects and for the first time I actually am able to hear about what radiation is.  I left there with a giant folder of papers. Stuff like what I need to do each day to prepare for the treatment site and what will happen to my skin in that area. I have to say, I did not leave this appointment eager to start treatment. Meeting with oncology only helped the butterflies swarm in my stomache faster. I was told that I would lose most of my saliva gland causing me to have to have dental approval before radiation could begin. I was told that I would probably have to have flouride treatments a few times a day during treatment. As if I liked the demtist, they scheduled back-to-back appointments to get the approval. As far as I know, radiation will begin within this month.