I just learned about flareups from radiation

I’m right at my 4 year mark and I went in and saw my ENT for a sinus infection I seem to get around every October/November.  This has been a thing for the last few years.  This was my first time seeing this ENT doctor, and she seemed pretty young like fresh out college.  She told me that since this is happening every year around the same time ever since I had radiation that this could be a flare up.  Apparently the tissue damaged from radiation can flare up for years after treatment.

I went in with some pain and swelling on my left check, and my left nostrel felt irratated. I guess that wasn’t enought to label it sinus infection.  Eventhough for the past 3 years they haven been treating me for a chronic sinus infection.

This was the first time anyone has brought up my tissue could be flaring up from radiation done years ago.  The gift that keeps on giving.

The one good thing is that this ENT was able to examine me, and give me some peace of mind that they didn’t find any new lumps. This means I get to have a few moments of peace and not wake up thinking I have cancer all the time.  I’ll begin worrying about it closer to my 5 year mark.