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Just seems like its time for another post


Sometimes I go a few weeks now forgetting about cancer. Atleast it can get back bunered from time to time now. I’ve been thinking about when my last day of treatment was and I couldn’t pin point it with my memory. Then I realised this blog has the date and I can actually just look it up. That’s another thing that caught me off guard. Just how quickly 5 years goes by.

Some pretty cool life updates though. The company I co-started came in like 3rd last year for best web design in our county (this includes like 4 other cities around me). We hired 2 new employees this year. We made a few different top 10 or top 20 lists. Things just stay busy, like 90 emails a day busy.

I guess I didn’t mention it before, but I found a Facebook Group for Parotid People. I wanna say its like 2k members. There are a lot of different cancers in there though.  The community support is awesome. I wish I would have found that when I was going through treatment.

I’m also a little worried about this healthcare thing.  After Kaiser Permenente caught and treated my cancer, they told me not to reapply for healthcare.  I wouldn’t pass their pre-screaning.  I ended up going the without healthcare coverage for a month or so until the ACA passed. I’m not political in anyway, but I don’t want to be told that I can get coverage to go see my oncologist though and it looks like things might be going back that way.

Photo by Tim Marshall