small tattoo

Fitting of the Mask and Permanent Tattoos

On Sept. 5th, 2012, I pulled up to the parking lot of the clinic where I thought I was having my catscan performed and I was stunned to see this sign. I thought to myself, hmm…I guess I have a reason now so I might as well. I pulled into the reserved radiation parking spot like I owned the place! Not knowing what to expect, I walked into the clinic to check in. I almost had to double-take as it looked like I was in a bistro shop and they were ready to take my order. It was an empty room with  coffee and a large community puzzle.

Let me just note that when you have cancer, you are treated as if your are dying. I truly believe the lady that came to escort me to the room “baby-talked” to me.

After my Catscan was complete, it was time to fit me for my mask. My face would be all covered with my only exposed skin being the area where I had my scarring from the surgery (on my left jawline).

The mask fitting consisted of a bunch of small bead-like things that reminded me of the beads my sister use to put on a peg-like board and melt together in the oven. It is extremely warm feeling, so be prepared. After the mold is made, I am not sure what the rest of the process is. I guess I will see the finished piece on Monday, Sept. 17th; during my first radiation treatment.