The 1 year update

It’s been awhile since I have been back to this blog.  After treatment was finished, it was time to hit the ground running.  By now food taste have almost all come back.  Everything taste good, but it’s a little different than I remember.  Fast food taste a little more like fast food now, so in a good way treatment has made me cut back.

I had my 1 year cat scan and everything looked clear.  I think this means that they will see me once every 6 months now.  Thank god for Obama Care! My health care came up to renew since I was on Cobra, and the company that found my cancer and treated my cancer told me that if I re-applied I wouldn’t pass the pre-screen. Luckily I was able to go through the website and apply for coverage.  I’m paying a little higher premiums, but get to keep the same doctors.  The medical part is the part only cancer patients get to experience in a whole new light.

There is a side effect still lingering. It’s this terrible ringing ear.  The one on my left side where I had radiation. The doctor thinks this may be a permanent side effect from radiation.  There is just a constant rining in that left side. Some days it will drive you mad, but luckily most days I’m too busy to notice it.

One cool update is that my friend and I formed a new webdesign and video production company in 2013 and things have been going great.  Business keeps me busy. You can check out all that we do here web design Vancouver WA.

There are still things I want to add to this blog especially in the food area.