The 2 year update

The ringing in the ear is still one of the worst side effects. At least it’s just one ear.  The other side effect I’m not sure I mentioned enough is your teeth.  Oh my poor poor teeth. I’m at that 2 year mark and more or less I think my teeth have suffered the most from radiation.  The left side where the radiation was focused and cooked that saliva gland.  I still get a little bit of dry mouth from time to time, but I think that is more from me not drinking enough water.

You know another annoying thing that I’ll mention just for this blog, every little thing I feel on the left side of my face makes me think cancer is back.  It’s like cancer PTS or something.  My left side of my face where the surgery was feels different. Sometimes I turn my head to far and it strains the scar area.  Kind of like hitting your bruised arm on a coffee table.

All in all I’m finally at a point where I can look back and say it was only 8 weeks out of my life.  Those daily treatments sucked, and the commute in rush hour really sucks.  Lets just say I feel for that cancer patient in Orange is the new black.  Its all a memory now and seems like its far enough back in my history to not sit on my mind everyday.

In that first year, find stuff to do to keep busy.  I really wish I had more hobbies, but I have stayed really busy with work, and I’ve tried to get out more.  You know take random 1 hour lunches to hop across town to see a friend.  I think anything to help just speed up time that first year after treatment will work wonders on forgetting the day to day treatments.