The 3 year update

Just had my last checkup over the summer and everything looks clear.  The website had to change a bit since some online script kept trying to redirect visitors to spam sites.  This site had to be built again from the ground up.

I haven’t posted in awhile mostly because I have just been busy.  After cancer treatment, you are just in go mode.  On top of that I started a company that has been growing every year for the past 3 years.  We build websites everyday, so going into my own website like this one at the end of the week feels like work.  This blog remains though as my sort of digital history.  I’ve met so many people since starting this site that have this same cancer.  It’s amazing when I see the comments where someone say they are number “X”. I think I’ve seen up to 196 now.

There are still some side effects going on 3 years later.  I still have a little dry mouth, but only noticeable in the mornings after sleeping all night. It probably means I need to drink more water before bed.  That rining in my one ear on the surgery side is noticeable.  I like having background noise on a lot more now.  That’s it really.

I keep holding out till I hit the 5 year mark, so I can get some sort of life/disability insurance. Nobody wants to give me life insurance only a few years out of cancer treatment.  I’ve spent the last year looking for it, because if cancer were to come back I want to have a plan to make sure there is still income coming in.