The night before treatment

I called Travis up a few minutes ago to make sure that he was doing ok and was going to be able to get some sleep tonight. I was surprised to find him¬†with a¬†positive spirt and describing his night like any other Sunday night. Video games tiden him and his roomate; Marco De Leon, over as the night passes. Travis tells me that he started to google earlier the “process of radiation” to help give him a better idea of what to expect. This was the first time he would see the machine and the mask at work.

Now, Travis seemed just fine seeing the pictures/videos on the net; I, however, did not. They say sometimes the treatment process is emotionally hard on the family. I am completely living that truth.

Tomorrow morning I plan on arriving at Travis’ house bright and early. There is just one problem with arriving early…Travis CANNOT have coffee! Huston we have a problem! I told him that I would not shave my hair, but I would limit my coffee intake for him. Of course he just happens to have one of those Keurig coffee makers. Well, Travis tells me that he is able to wean off coffee by using the decafinated tea K-cups instead of coffee. I will try that for tomorrow as well.-Much better than what I probably look like bald. (Although Travis knows I would do it in an instant for him…just him first!) Travis did say that he would try cold coffee, but was warned that it could hurt his throat. Maybe my next blog will be about why Travis does not reccommend cold coffee and should have listened. I guess some have to learn the hard way.

Remember back to my first post about Travis loosing Carrie. Well, it just so happens that the driver of the pickup that hit her was high on drugs and has a release hearing scheduled for tomorrow morning. Travis has asked that I go with Marco to the hearing and meet back at the hospital after. Mom is going to take Travis to his first treatment. I am hoping that Marco and I can be back early enough before Travis goes in. We will at least be there for him when he gets out.

Time to get some rest as tomorrow is going to be emotional. Please keep Travis in your thoughts.