Week 6 Day 4 of Treatment

Today was the first of the “boost” treatments. This time, Travis noticed that instead of being shot with 3 different lasers, there were only 2 lasers. Travis explained to me that he doesn’t feel any more exhausted than he already is; he worried about being more and more fatigue with the change in his treatment. The radiation boost was about the same length of time and his energy level overall is about the same.

I talked with mom on her way home from Travis’ appointment with the doctor. Mom explained to me that the doctor was happily surprised that Travis was able to sleep some and had not lost very much weight. Today’s doctor was a stand in as Travis’ normal doctor was still out ill.

As for medication, Travis has officially switched over to Morphine instead of Vicodin-probably a smart move as the Vicodin can eventually affect his liver and he was obviously taking more than his 8 a day limit.

Even mom noticed today that the mouth pump is helping keep Travis going. He is actually only waking up about 3 times in the night now. He is definitely adjusting to the long tube hanging from the side of his mouth.

Travis is sounding more and more excited about going to NY now that we are down to 8 treatments left. I cannot believe we are actually this close to being done.

Oh, btw…I heard from Marco the other day that the nursing staff all get together on the patients last day of treatment and sing to them! I don’t think Travis has any idea. I, however, am looking forward to it J