Week 6 Day 5 of Treatment

It’s Friday and that is a goal in itself. After another boost appointment not too much has changed. My throat is maybe hurting a little more than usual- the Morphine should help with that. There was a definite change with sleep last night. I still woke up maybe 3 times in the night, but the morning I slept in till 9:30am. This is a first for me probably in my life. Morphine is a first for me as well. The Morphine does give me a little more head-fog though. Tonight I went ahead and mixed some into my Ensure- Pretty awesome, right?


Yes, so I guess I am to blame for waking him during the early a.m. time; however, I am a paranoid sister and want to make sure that his night went ok. So, yes, as I said last night we are on the downhill slope. We are moving into week 7 of treatments. Travis’ last treatment is scheduled for November 6th, 2012. That means there are 7 treatments left after today! Then it’s all about the recovery stage and the prayers that all the Cancer is gone and won’t come back.

Travis did sound a little raspy over the phone today. I just hope that he continues to keep the liquids down and continues to eat. This is the point where I think Travis was thinking he would have a feeding tube put in. As long as we can keep him eating and passing liquids down his throat then we can avoid this all together.