Week 7 Day 1 of Treatment

This is now what I would call the start to being a cancer patient. Last week I maintained my weight and in just 2 days over the weekend I lost 2lbs. All food now tastes gross! Everything turns sour in my mouth and all I can stomach is Ensure; it’s just a matter of trying to drink enough of it. Then, there are these new mouth sores I developed tonight. This makes about 6 in total right now. My morning started out with waking up early and I started to work on the computer for about an hour. Then I ended up lying back down and really wasn’t up and moving until about 10:30am.

The sore throat is now worse than it has been this whole time. The Morphine wears off in about 3 hours and it feels like I have a jagged rock cutting my throat. That sucker is not fun when the pain meds wear off.

The one good thing is that I seem to be sleeping better. I still wake up in the early am, but one dose of morphine and I’m a happy camper. It’s now like I get a little more sleep, but days suck just a little worse. The rest of the week will be interesting.


Today was Travis’ typical doctor visit day where he found out that the ringing in his left ear is only slightly under the normal scale and will hopefully go away soon. Travis also was told that his skin looked great! Surprisingly, he is only applying lotion to his face twice a week, but it seems to be helping with the peeling.

Travis came over on Saturday to hang out and I noticed a second patch of hair loss. -This time a much larger area on the back of his head. Hopefully he won’t lose too much more by the time he is done with treatments.

Oh, by the way, Travis is super excited to be boarding a plane next week to celebrate his treatments are through…only-Did you notice where we said we were going?-New York! Crazy, we just found out that the crane that had broken is only a few blocks down from our hotel which has now been evacuated. Travis and I said tonight, how could this even be possible?!?!- Of course with what we have been through lately….well, you know! At least we can ride out the storm safely here. We just pray for the safety of all who are there. If we have to wait to celebrate…we will!