Week 7 Day 2 of Treatment

Today wasn’t too bad. I have had much better sleep this week.-My mornings are just a little slow to get going with though. This rock feeling in my throat is the worst right now! -Feels as though I swallowed a razor blade sometimes. I stayed home from work today and I was able to be a little lazy. I figure the last week of treatment is when I’m allowed to call in. Food wise, I’m mainly drinking Ensure. I did try an Arby’s turkey sandwich today, but no luck and it still went sour on me. I tried eating some candy too, but that was a letdown. This is the wrong time of year to lose taste! I just hope some of my taste is bad for the holidays.


Not a lot has changed with Travis so far this week side effect wise. I can definitely tell over the phone though that he throat hurts when he talks. He is sounding a bit raspy and fatigued. Thank goodness that it will soon be over. And thank goodness for the mouth pump for helping Travis rest these last few weeks.

Travis mentioned that he talked with a radiation patient the other day at the clinic that was shocked that Travis did not have a feeding tube put in at this point. I guess this is where the doctors say a lot of the patients fall off the block and give up. Then patient told Travis that he had just had his feeding tube inserted and he was going into his 6th week. I guess we can count our blessings that Travis might just finish his treatments on his own and not need help passing food through his throat. Travis does like the convenience of not having to swallow a pill anymore as the Morphine is in liquid form.