Week 7 Day 3 of Treatment

I think I can give a little bit of a diagram now.- If you have been staying up on my photos, my face has been feeling a little less sun burned now. The main areas that feel as if they are burnt are behind my ear and the back of my neck. I just noticed my photos today and I noticed when I put the Miaderm on my cheek that my face had a little less red on it. Since they are aiming the beams a little differently when shooting the radiation, I think it is hitting me more behind my ear and towards the back of my head.

travis red marks  These are the parts that I think are going to start getting a little more red for the rest of my treatments.

It’s Halloween and I really want candy to eat, but at this point I’m only drinking Ensure for calories.  I just noticed a spike in Ensure prices too! I mean whats up with that?!?!  You know when I started I could get a 6 pack for $8.99. I’m now paying like $10.49 for this same tasteless gruel.

I’m still sleeping better and I am going to sleep alot earlier; usually around 9pm or so.

Every morning now I feel extremely dizzy. I will stumble from room to room a couple of times before I can catch my balance. For example, I’ll get up from my bed and think that I walked past the corner and end up hitting the corner of the bed and stumble to the doorway. This is either due to Morphine or that ringing in my left ear. Either way it’s just weird.