Week 7 Day 4 of Treatment

Well, today was the last “Thursday” and tomorrow will be the last “Friday” of these sucky treatments. This time next week Travis and I will be boarding a plane for NY. Never thought we would make it this far. Travis’ spirits are amazing. Thank you to all the wonderful people who help make each day comforting for Travis. Pretty soon we will be asking for prayers for a quick recovery so Travis can officially be back to normal-if that ever happens. Hopefully this ringing in his ear stops very soon. I also hope that he can wean off the Morphine soon after treatment as well. It seems like the Morphine is taking a tole on daily activities.

Travis’ throat hurts so bad right now. I wish I could make it stop for him. He did go in to work today in hopes to get enough work done that he can take all of next week off. With 3┬átreatments left each one is more and more harder on him as far as pain goes. I know that he is super excited to get out of town and feel “normal” again. His roomate has become quite the chef since Travis’ radiation started. It helps having someone willing to cook you something that you are pretty much going to just spit right out.