Week 7 Day 5 of Treatment

My face is feeling like it is getting a little bit of a break, finally! My throat is now worse than it was last week about this time though. I’m coughing a lot and it feels like I always have something in the back of my throat. That’s really getting irritating! Oh, and I don’t know where my days go now. I’m up and moving around by noon and then 3pm rolls around, I head into Portland to get my treatment, I’ll usually get back here around 5 or so and I have just enough time to drink some Ensure and hang out for a bit- Then it’s off to bed. That’s been the biggest change from 7 weeks ago. I think I recognize what fatigue is by now. I just hope my body recuperates fast.

One of the regulars was passing me on my way out of the clinic today and he asked if I was close to the end; and sure enough I was!!! He is an older man having radiation done in the same place I am. He was in week 4 and his throat was already closing up. I am so glad I’m making it out of there before that has to happen.

Two more treatment days to go…oh, and I plan on boarding a plane a Thursday for NY!