Week 8 Day 1

Wow! The Doctor is so proud of Travis for sticking it out and looking so good. The doctor mentioned today to Travis that he had a nother patient who was just starting her┬ásecond week of treatment and was begging to stop. Travis admitted that he would feel the same way if he was still on his second week. Travis did lose another 3 pounds making his total weight loss around 10 lbs. -Not to shabby! Thank goodness the treatments end tomorrow as Travis is just not feeling the stomache/headache sickness. On Sunday he was really sick…in his words…deadly sick. We were afraid that they would not complete his radiation treatment today because of it. Thankfully, today he is feeling much better! Travis did get a doctors note to help him get the Ensure drink packs on the plane. Our first flight is 8 1/2 hours and he can’t eat anything! Losing your tastebuds was Travis’ worst nightmare. Well, one more treatment left! We made it! He made it! I am so happy for him. We will definitely be celebrating!