Week 8 Day 2

The final day, Yay!  You would think this would be the best day, but don’t forget it’s still a treatment day. And yes, my sore throat continues. Tonight’s treatment brought out some of my recent mouth sores too. The ones I’ve had lately are on my left side of my cheek under my tongue. This is the worse spot for mouth sores as my Ensure drink gets under that spot and irritates it like crazy.

Since this is the final treatment of radiation… I do get to look forward to not getting another laser beam shot in my face. I still have to keep up with all the same regiments that I have been doing for the next 2 weeks or more. This means lotion on the face twice a day, brushing with the fluoride toothpaste and using the fluoride trays probably for the rest of my life.- That doesn’t sound like too much fun.

I really want my taste buds to come back though. It sounds like in about 3 weeks will be when I find out what taste buds will come back. Hopefully they all do, but there is a chance some won’t.

Oh and on your last day, everyone at the clinic is sure to remind you that it’s your last day. The bad part is when you have to walk past all the patients in the back who are lined up for their treatment. I remember seeing people walk out on their last day though. They were probably thinking that their last day was still far off and that I was some lucky bastard. I finally get to see it as the person leaving that place. I’m not out of the woods yet. There are still weeks of care I have to do and the teeth trays for sure permanent.

Thursday we fly out to New York. I’m still going to work for a half day and then I have a hearing test later that day on my left ear because of the continuous ringing that is still there-then that night its catch an 8 hour flight New York. I made it!

Here is a video from my final treatment.



I can’t believe we have finished the last treatment day! I am so excited for Travis yet he keeps reminding me that the pain is still here and the treatments were nothing. He would take lying in the machine having the radiation shot in his face any day over having to take meds for pain, new mouth sores and a rock filled throat. It was nice to be able to make it to Travis’ last treatment. Dad, Mom, Marco and I all waited anxiously for Travis to come out of treatment so we could sing to him. We were handed lyrics to their song beforehand. Travis was also given his mask to take home with him. Not everyone has a giant mold of their own face on the wall-lol. Below are some pictures of Travis’ last day of treatment.