5 years out and teeth falling out

I’ve been doing pretty good overall. Just busy. Business has grown like 200% and its all but consumed my life now. In the middle of busy days, I’m now making dental appointments. It seems all this teethwork I had done about 5 years ago before radiation is just falling apart. I had a lot of fillings and build ups on teeth. The compound is just worn down and these large fillings are coming out.

I don’t think I was prepared for the cost. I’m sitting here with basically a missing tooth infront of my canine so its visible when you smile.  The two teath on either side have large fillings. Our best bet is to crown the ones on either site of the missing one and put a bridge tooth in the missing spot.  It’s like 2k of work, and who knows what else will go wrong. So… if your reading this and wondering about the 5 year mark, expect the teeth to be major purchses from here on out. Atleast that’s how I’m seeing it.